Like father…

I’ve been terrible about this blog, but there has been all kinds of developments in Eragon’s training lately!  He’s now cantering (quite beautifully) on both leads, I rode out my first buck on him, I also hit the dirt for the first time today!  Despite this, today’s lesson was excellent (after I got back on) and Eragon is really moving nicely over his back and shows both talent for and understanding of lateral work.  His work ethic (even after a distraction like losing his rider) is incredible.  This is a horse who simply loves a job and really knows how to focus.

Here’s a picture of Eragon and his father, Here-Be Synod Ronan.  Talk about a similar expression!  Eragon definitely gets his animated expression from his sire!  Eragon also shows white at the top of his eye, just like dad.   I’ve never owned a horse who moved his eyes as much as Eragon.  It’s one of his unusual, expressive features.


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