When I lost my first horse in 2008, I wasn’t sure I’d ever be ready to own another horse.  I bought my first horse, Shamus Fancy, as a 16.2 hand 4 year old off the racetrack in 1993.  He was a Training Level eventer, a jumper, and a Second Level dressage horse at the timeof his sudden death.  He was a wonderful athlete, friend, and partner for the 15 years we had together.  Any horse I owned after him would have big shoes to fill…

Enter GG Eragon. A 2007 unbroke 14’3 hand TB/Welsh Section C cross.  He’s too small to fill Fancy’s shoes and he doesn’t need to.  He’s his own horse.    This time around, I have a lot of ideas about how to train, condition, and ride a young horse for dressage.


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